Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Does Social Media Matter?

Does Social Media Matter?

Short answer, no. Long answer, yes.

Social media in today’s sports landscape is huge. I am not going to tell you it holds the key to sold out arenas and excited, engaged fanbases. But guess what, it’s not going to hurt the cause either. The reason we post on social media is because the majority of people, key word majority, check their social media feeds daily, if not multiple times per day. It is what people do when they are supposed to be working. It is the first thing people check when they wake up, and the last thing they look at before they go to bed at night. Is that sad? Maybe, but it’s the reality we live in today. And for that reason, as a hockey club we have to make sure our social media game is on point.

We want our fanbase to be kept up-to-date on what is going on with Klippers hockey both on the ice and off. We want to use our social media to promote the local businesses and organizations that support us. There is no evidence that twitter, Instagram, or Facebook followers has any influence on success on the ice which is one of the indicators of success for all Junior Hockey clubs, but when the nerd herds and analytics observers in the business world I have to live in come together and break down where we sit there is no doubt we can and should be better.

The ask is simple. Like and Share. Its sounds dumb, but it’s a basic equation. When we get impressions it is easier for us to go to potential partner and market ourselves as deserving recipients of their advertising dollars. Would you rather sponsor a banner add on a website article that engaged 3,000 people or 5,000 people? Answer is clear, right! In today’s business engagements bring influence; and hockey is just really fun business.

My goal with social media within the Klippers organization is simple:

When we hold any event, whether it be a Hall of Fame Induction Supper, Celebrity Golf Tourney, Christmas Supper, Remembrance Day Recognition game, or a regular old Thursday night barn-burner vs Battleford, I don’t want anyone to say “I didn’t hear about it” or “I didn’t know it was going on.” I think that with a strong social media presence paired with conventional print and digital marketing we can greatly improve the Klippers interaction with West Central Saskatchewan. Short term I would love to see us be over 4,000 total followers combined over our three platforms by the new year, I invite you to help me make it happen. Follow us, invite others to follow us, and share.

Below is a table with the followers for each platform and then with a total impact as broken down for every team in the SJHL. We appreciate those following now and cant wait to get to know the rest of you who will shortly join in.