Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Catching Up with the Cairns


In December the Iron Horse Kindersley Klippers held a 50K 50-50.  In front of an eager crowd, Dallas and Lynn Cairns’ ticket was pulled from the draw tumbler.  Dallas, Lynn and their 3 kids; Cole, Owen and Hayden were on vacation when they got the news.

“God smiles on good people” says Dallas Cairns joking with Klippers Carson Shea after winning close to $50,000 during the 50k 50-50. “That would make my pay from the Klippers be about $25,000 for every goal I scored”

The family plans on donating a large portion of their winnings.  Plans have already been set in motion to help out greatly in their community. The winnings will be used to cover the 2017 registration fees for Luseland Minor Ball, Canskate and Initiation Hockey. “Hopefully we can get a few more kids to come out and play” said Cairns.

In addition to the registration fees the Cairns family donated $5,000 to the new swimming pool in Luseland and another $15,000 went to a couple families in need. “We are very lucky to have won the money and we are happy that we are able to share it”said Lynn Cairns.

The Klippers organization once again congratulates the Cairns family on their big win.  The team is extremely happy to see such generosity from the winners.