Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

A Message to our Corporate Partners and Fans

Dear Klippers fans and Supporters,

What an incredible offseason this has been. As a new member to the Klippers Family I need to take an opportunity to thank the incredible people of Kindersley for the support you all have shown so far. Coming into this job I was very nervous about my ability to connect with the corporate community of Kindersley and bring in the sponsorship and advertising dollars that we so desperately need to survive. I have been overwhelmed with the response.

Thank you for being willing to answer my phone calls, respond to emails, and discuss sponsorship and advertising packages. I know that the investment simply is not possible for everyone; so to those who were not able to contribute through corporate dollars, I hope that you would consider Klippers games as a worthwhile and exciting activity for your family.

By the numbers, we have over 140 Corporate partners at this time; contributing anywhere from $300 to $25,000 and everywhere in between. But let’s not stop there. I truly believe there are people in this town who I have missed and who have a desire to help. I ask that you reach out to me and let’s see if there is something we can do. I am open to suggestions. I am willing to be creative and customize advertising, promotions, and on-ice intermission activities to your business’ message.

I realize that with a high percentage of the area dealing in the Oil/Gas and Agriculture sectors there is a lot of uncertainty early in the spring and summer before a good representative of this year’s yields/productions can be forecasted; so for those of you who weren’t able to commit earlier let’s revisit the conversation and see if we can get something going or put you down for a half season deal.

I believe we have a nice mix of opportunities that can bring value to businesses large and small. Although all of our Ice Logo sponsorships are taken, I still have some great offerings such as:

* * Rink Board Ad Space. Directly surrounding the ice. 4 left!

* *Wall Sign Ad space.

* * Entry Portal Sponsorship. Business Stick er on the beam above the entrance. 2 left!

* *Home Jersey Business Patch. My goal is to have a Business Patch attached to every Klippers player’s home jersey.

* * Intermission sponsorships.

* *In-Game announcements.

* *Game Staff Apparel Sponsorships.

* * Digital Board Ad space.

* *Game Day program Ad space. 2 left!

* And much, much more!

I encourage you all to pay attention to our sponsors as displayed at the rink, on the Klippers website, and as announced during games and support these local businesses.

My phone number is 306-430-8011 and you can reach my through email at I would love to hear from you.

Go Klippers!

Tyler Orr

Assistant GM-Business Manager